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For those of you who follow video games this weekend was kind of big.. heh.  The Spike TV VGAs (click over to joystiq for the winners) hosted some world premiere trailers for 2011.  You’ll be sure to mark these release dates on your calendar for the upcoming year.  Set aside some time to finish up whatever you have been playing.  Things are about to get extremely real.

First, we have the trailer for Forza 4.  Due out in Fall of ’11.  Now I’m guessing the only real bit of footage from the game is in the last few seconds.  You can barely make out the on-screen menu, but it’s there.

Okay Okay.  So you aren’t into racing games.  That’s cool.  How about watching Scorpion beat up Kratos (or vice-versa, depending on your level of “old school”)?

Or maybe you were one of the MILLIONS of people who loved Valve’s Portal and couldn’t get enough of that sweet song sung by GlaDOS at the end of the game (Still Alive).  Well here’s a little fun that was had with the Portal2 trailer.  Zero gameplay but who really cares?  It’s not like Valve does bad work.

Phew.  The awesome is starting to get kind of out of control.  I’ve got 2 more for you.  Clearly saving the best for last.  You can pick which one is better.

Next, we have the third and final installment of the Mass Effect Trilogy.  That’s right, Shepard is back in Mass Effect 3 and it looks daaaaamn good.  But when hasn’t it?

Last but not least, we’ve got the follow up to the best comic video game transfer yet.  That’s right.  The Dark Knight is back again in Arkham City.  The badguy in this installment is Hugo Strange who knows, well, everything about the Batman.  Oh.  If you haven’t given Arkham Asylum a read in real life, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

Big thanks to gametrailers for hosting the videos.