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Posted: February 16, 2011 by bennettfiasco in Economics
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Dear friends,

Yesterday, JeredFiasco posted an interesting article from the AdBusters’ website about a paradigm shift in the way we view economics. For any of you familiar with Adbusters this isn’t anything new. But, as always, it was worth a read and it accomplished a bit of what it set out to do; compel conversation. We had a quick back and forth via our book of faces that is a pretty low level discussion we thought we’d throw on here to get you guys talking a bit. Click on the image to jump to the article (it’s a short one). Read, ponder, comment.

Infographic from Whose Crisis, Whose Future? by Susan George

Infographic from Whose Crisis, Whose Future? by Susan George

  • BennettFiasco
    “A feel good read, to be sure. But I feel like anybody nodding along with this is going to go write poems about how important the flowers are afterward.
    It seems like more of a call to arms than a “this is happening,” as the introduction suggests.”
  • JeredFiasco
    “kalle lasn is always calling to arms.”
  • BennettFiasco
    “And it’s almost always worth while to listen. But words are one thing. Action is another thing altogether.We’re talking about an extremely entrenched area of our society. Economics (and those who understand economics) is not going to be changed by a few people with a magazine subscription outside of that realm. This is a change in the status quo that would put less emphasis on the almighty dollar. How does the market usually react to things that don’t seek to make more money? We’re talking about a change that would have to occur over generations.”
  • JeredFiasco
    “Real change does not happen over generations. Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions do not take generations. Real change happens quickly and sometimes at a moments notice.”
  • BennettFiasco
    “Fair. But you’re assuming a common reaction between two VERY different cultures. I would not be surprised if neither of us see a meaningful uprising of American citizens in our lifetimes. That is the beauty of American democracy. It lulls the masses into thinking their only chance to change things is through a ballot every year or two or four or six.”
  • JeredFiasco
    “You are describing what I am talking about. You say that there is this comfortable lull of the American populace caused by the general malaise that keeps us complacent. Regardless of what this lull guides the masses into thinking, all it takes is something sudden to shift the paradigm to spark the revolution.”
  • BennettFiasco
    “It’s not jobs. It’s not unregulated business infiltrating every moment of our lives (just deleted a spam text..). Basic human rights have disappeared under our noses. Unfair elections haven’t done it. It’s going to have to be BIG and it’s going to have to be BAD. And that, my brother, makes me uneasy.”

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